Murroe/Boher Expo 2013 – Storytelling with Eddie Lenihan

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Murroe Boher Expo 2013

Storytelling by Eddie Lenihan

Friday 8th March – 8-9.30pm
Crokers – upstairs

Entrance – 5 Euro

Renowned storyteller Eddie Lenihan joins us for two storytelling sessions. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Eddie Lenihan is one of Ireland’s greatest living storytellers. He has gathered stories and folklore for almost 30 years, from his native Kerry and beyond. In order that this irreplaceable heritage not be lost, he has chosen to share these stories with young and old, through personal appearances, books, tapes, CDs, video and on television.
Haunted places, fairy paths, holy wells: Eddie’s researches into them all is ongoing. In fact, whatever involves walking the landscape, talking to old people, hopefully glimpsing the Otherworld, interests him. And it is reflected in his stories.
Irish fairy stories, naturally, form a prominent part of his huge repertoire, but there are historical tales, too, stories of notable persons (women especially, including the banshee), devil stories, accounts of saints (St. Patrick prominent among them, naturally), of monsters, ogres, giants, ghosts and much, much more.
He lives in Crusheen, Co. Clare, but travels worldwide and is always delighted to bring the fruits of his years’ researches and collecting to whoever he may share it with.
In Ireland, too, he is a frequent visitor to schools, libraries, prisons, literary festivals – in fact anywhere people are prepared to sit a while, listen and reflect – as their forbears did when these stories were first told.
See his website for further information.



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