Boher Community Development Association Team Limerick CleanUp

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Over 130 members of Boher Community arrived at Boher Community Centre on Good Friday morning to participate in the TLC.  The atmosphere and sense of community spirit was palpable.    People combed the roads of Boher, went into hedges, ditches, dykes and pulled litter from trees.  Others drove round in pick-up trucks to load the filled bags, while bigger equipment was enlisted to remove the heavier waste. There were calls to the base at the Community Centre for more bags and more help.  As people returned to base having completed their routes, they were dispatched again to other areas which were heavily littered.  No complaints, just “what can I do to help”!

It took over four hours for most people to return to base, to hot teas and coffees.  However, some people did not get their areas finished in that period and to show the commitment of those involved, they returned again on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday to complete their routes.  Others, who were not available on Good Friday, covered their routes the previous Wed and Thursday.  Boher Community Development Association was delighted to be associated with JP’s initiative and was most grateful for the packs, which made a very difficult job, a little easier. Over 500 bags of litter were collected on Good Friday for Mr Binman, at Boher Community Centre.

Pat O’Connell, Chairman, Boher Community Development Association, extends his thanks to everybody who supported this initiative.

Photos can be viewed on Boher Facebook.

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