Thought for the Week – The Trinity

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The feast of the Holy Trinity which was celebrated on Sunday is a difficult one- three persons existing in one God. And it is not even explicitly mentioned in the bible. And there is no moment when Jesus, for instance, gets the disciples together and gives them a lesson on the Trinity.

And despite all our sophisticated technology, the Trinity still cannot be observed or measured and there are no Utube clips available and it doesn’t have a Facebook page.

We learn about the Trinity indirectly, almost by chance – at Jesus baptism for instance, we have the Father’s voice is heard, the Son appears as a servant and the spirit descends like a dove.

God a communion of three persons and we know that this communion came and lived among us and is alive and active in our world today.

We are made in the image of this God and Pope Francis points out that this Trinitarian dynamism is at the heart of creation – creation is constructed and operates according to this relational model.

Today, both scientists and philosophers confirm this relational model of our world.  We are not isolated, independent units – rather we are part of a web of relationships – deeply connected to each other and to the world around us – and in ways that we find hard to understand and explain.

Random Number Generators are computer programs that produce random numbers for research. To ensure they are totally free from bias they are wrapped in layers and layers of insulation to cut them off from all external forces that could affect them including electromagnetism. But despite these elaborate precautions on the 11th September 2001 between the hours of 5am and 11am their behaviour altered and they fell into a non- random pattern. These were the precise hours of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. Scientists were and still are, baffled by what happened and can’t explain it. They concluded, “this behaviour of the Random Number Generators may be directly associated with some aspect of consciousness, as yet poorly understood, attending to global events.”

Deeply connected – we can’t cut ourselves off – insulate ourselves from each other – everything is connected – it is how the world is made.

So where does that leave us? Are we any the wiser?

Firstly we know that the Trinitarian dynamic is at the heart of the universe and this gives us a clue to our own fulfillment. Though we may experience ourselves as independent and separate, the truth is that we are relational beings. If we are to flourish as human beings, then relationships are not an optional extra but at the heart of our lives – going out to God, to others, to God’s creatures.

Secondly it teaches us about sin. Sin is sin precisely because it is a denial of this very connectedness. Sin cuts us off…isolates us and leaves us languishing in our cell of selfishness. God, through his Spirit can reach through these protective layers and save us from our own hell of self-isolation and gather us back into the wonderful world of their connectedness.

Thirdly, if we realize that we are an integral part of a web of relationships that make up our world, we might begin to live with a little more sensitivity and care for our environment – develop a cosmic, religious awareness that becomes virtually synonymous with the ecological revolution.

To the holy and undivided Trinity

To the Father of all good gifts,

To the humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified and risen

To the guiding love of the Holy Spirit

Be all praise and honour and adoration

At this time and for evermore.

I have accomplished all the mortification’s of which my ear has heard but among those I have not found most any so daunting as these two: to get up from table while still hungry and to do our ears violence so as not to say a disagreeable word to a brother….

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